Due Date (2010)

After seeing The Hangover (the 18 version), and really enjoying it, I was looking forward to Todd Phillips’ next feature as director – Due Date.  I was especially excited because Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis are in it too, and I’m a fan of both of these actors.

Due Date surrounds Robert Downey Jr’s intergalactic warlord and his intense rivalry with Galifianakis’s space explorer.  Zach’s character is a gay astronaut called Simon Fuck who, during a botched mission to the moon, lands on Downey Jnr’s planet.

Downey Jr. has a massive metal penis that he’s aimed at Earth in the hope of covering everyone in piss.   Obviously Simon Fuck is averse to this plan and so he sets off on a secret mission to wipe that smarmy grin of the King’s face once and for all with the help of Batman and his band of merry men.

Oh no wait I made all that up because Due Date is a 15 so I’m not going to ever watch it.


About I Only Watch 18s

I only watch 18s because I'm not some sort of pussy dickhead lightweight.
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