Classic 18: Society (1989)

Ever thought that all the posh dickheads you hear saying things like…

“Mate, mate, ee mee geed, lahst night I was so fucking blotto mate.  Mate, the banter was epic mate, MATE, MAAATE, I was lashing it with the best of them mate, we were annihilated, it was banter of the highest order MATE, meet.  Seriously dude, meeat, we all got our todgers out and like put them in a dirty pint and then pinned the fuck out of them mate, Spoddy was so farkin wasted, he blew chunks all over Hattie’s knockers, MATE she was so pissed off, she told him to fuck right off – that babe’s got top banter I tell you, she can razz it with the best of them too.  Mate, and that was just on the pre-booze, we hadn’t even lashed it round town yet.  MEET, it was a different story once we got in the club – we were farhkking downing shots like no tomorrow and giving the chat to anyone that looked at us mate.  Seriously, it was epically banterous.  Me and Sudger were ratting these babes and we were just there, tonguing them to hell and back, then Sudger’s gf came past – the look on her face!  She was fuming, she just came right up to Sudger, and knocked him out – he was down for the count mate, MEAT, we were creasing it – I was shouting BANTER! BANTER! and everyone was wetting it mate.  Then after some more sammie bees, we were chatting about the length of our toddies and suddenly Hedsy shat himself, but he was so rinsed that he just made a dirty pint out of it with some beans and our cocks and chinned it right there and then – I mean what an absolute blinding legend.  Proper LEDGE that lad I tell you.  I was so bloody rat-arsed I fisted him but we both knew it wasn’t gay cos we were pinning some whisky while we were doing it.”

…might actually be aliens?  Well, Society might hold the answer.  Although it’s set in America, it still deals with the idea that the upper classes might actually be a different species altogether.

The film surrounds Billy Warlock, a teenager who’s becoming increasingly suspicious of his posh family and friends, mainly because he walks in on his sister in the shower and her tits and arse are on the same side of her body.  A bit weird, but I still thought she was hot – I don’t judge.

Anyway, more and more weird things happen and more women twist the bottom halves of their bodies the wrong way around so Billy starts getting more and more paranoid.

Then, everything absolutely goes completely and utterly batshit insane at the end when there’s a gigantic orgy and people start melding into one giant, gooey, naked mess.  People’s faces come out of their bums, a man’s head turns into a massive hand, and in the best bit (subjective), a man shoves his hand into another bloke and pokes his eyes out from inside his head.  It’s rank – at the end I sat, open-mouthed, for the entire duration of the end credits.  It’s unlike anything you’ll have ever seen on screen.  Unless you’ve seen it before.


It’s also directed by 18 maestro Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator 2 (18, seen), Return of the Living Dead III (18, seen), Necronomicon (18, seen), The Dentist (18, seen), Progeny (18, seen), The Dentist 2 (18, seen), Faust: Love of the Damned (18, seen) and Beyond Re-Animator (18, seen)) which is another good reason to watch it.

I give Society a slimy 10 18s out of 10.

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I only watch 18s because I'm not some sort of pussy dickhead lightweight.
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