18 related anecdote no. 31

Update on Inside (2007).

As you may recall (actually, fuck it – you’ve got no bloody excuse BUT to recall, here) I recently purchased Inside.  It’s a French horror movie that’s supposedly really violent and it’s also –


I’ve had it for a while now and haven’t watched it yet.  There are two main reasons:

It is subtitled – I cannot watch subtitled films when I am hungover and I’m always hungover because I’m always going out, drinking Moet and pulling loads of supermodels.

It is supposed to be really scary – Every time that I’ve had a chance to watch it has been in the day and every time I’ve thought the same thing – “Scary films are scarier at night, better wait until it gets dark.”  Only I fall asleep at five every evening because I’ve been drinking Moet and when I wake up I’m too hungover to watch a subtitled film.

I can see this going on for a while but I’ll keep you posted.


About I Only Watch 18s

I only watch 18s because I'm not some sort of pussy dickhead lightweight.
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